Happy July. Why am I happy its July? Because I have called it. I have officially hung up the frantic work to be done everyday mentality and declared myself on vacation. This declaration was prompted by the week from hell.

The final straw came on Tuesday. This after a grueling Monday that left me questioning the universe’s idea of my intended path.

I started the day by being “late” to my Aqua class. After class, I found a pile of paperwork in the basket of the 2nd job I had just given two weeks notice to, pending……..therefore late to meet Client#1 where I  was informed the computer had crashed and two weeks of work ….was gone….. therefore, late to meet Client#2.

In between I am processing book orders (yaay) answering texts, Facebook messages, Instagram and Twitter feedback and proceed back to my own office in 105 degree heat where I forgot to turn on the air, and…… where a  few boxes I have yet to unpack stare at me daily.

Shelves half put together, pictures needing to be hung and a complete scene honestly, of disorganization. I choose to again ignore the task in front of me -seeking the security, cool air  and comfort of home waiting for me three short blocks away.

The universe however, had other plans for me…..and as I walked into my house to – the door I forgot to shut to keep new puppy “Gus” contained and cool – I notice stepping stones of his “gifts” to me in perfect unison across the entire house. In addition, 4 magazines in tiny pieces ripped to shreds- and although he is very happy to see me, me- not so much.

That was the moment I lost it. Tears rolling from my eyes as I try to contain my frustration at the puppy dog eyes and I realized one thing……..I did this. I chose the jobs, I didn’t do an offsite back up- (although it was- recovered!) I chose to sell my own books. I engage in Social media  interaction to create my desires. I forgot to turn on the air in the morning and I have walked away from the unpacked boxes three weeks in a row.  I endorsed the new puppy.

Towel and spray in hand I cleaned up my living room, the tears turning to productivity and I cleaned, and I cleaned and I cleaned. Then I went for a walk and the epiphany hit- July is vacation month.

I may have to “work” a little bit, but my mentality is on vacation. I want time with my grandchildren, 4th of July fireworks and parades (two of my favorite things) , a spa day or two, a BF coming to visit, a trip to my favorite city north, a week in SF and Blue lakes, Blue Lakes and more Blue Lakes in between. 3 books I am dying to read and  I realize there is no way I can do all of these amazing things, and work.summer loading So I’m calling it. Its official- Its vacation month. Won’t you join me even if its in your mind, and make the most of this month? Do what makes you feel most alive! #beachmentality Welcome to cathslife………

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