I woke up like this……


There was something different about me when I woke up this morning. It wasn’t something you could see, I just felt different.

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up to a crying cat – normally I would go right back to sleep for what would be 3 or so more hours, but this morning I heard a voice. Familiar and comforting saying “Don’t go back to sleep” It was a famous quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I remembered that  he said he always wrote his best at 3 am.

So, I got up. I went to the gym (where again I usually arrive three hours later than this) then I meditated, I pulled an Angel card or two for perspective on my week, I listened to Abraham Hicks on you tube. I connected with my group online which was long overdue. I did my morning money manifestation exercise – Todays exercise was a spreadsheet on how I would spend 10 million dollars. Great fun was had.  Now mind you, this is all before 7 am!!! By 8 am I was in a dentist chair getting a filling repaired.

At 10 am I went to my new “temporary”  J.O.B. Another out of my box action ( I haven’t worked traditionally 9-5 for three long years ( but that’s another blog)

When I arrived, I happily accepted that the computer hard drive was blown and all the work I had done the day before was potentially gone. I even offered to take it in for service. There was no fear around losing the days money, or the time to re-do everything, I just went with it- as if it was exactly as it was supposed to be. I was even cheerful.

I went to my own office and got serious about some long overdue stuff. Begged my daughter to come help me file so I could once again feel order in my life. I made calls I needed to make, answered calls, returned emails, mailed some bills, balanced some books, did some happy taxes ( the ones with refunds 🙂 I liked, shared, laughed,learned and empathized on Facebook. I found some new peeps to follow on Instagram and Twitter. I changed my blog around. I drove and picked up my granddaughter from her job and connected with all three adult children, even if one was by text.  When 7 pm came, after buying two more days for the project I was working on,  I came home. I did last nights dishes and I went through and disposed of a  mountain of mail. Then I folded some laundry. WHAAAATTTTT???? I am in the 18th hour.

All I know, is I woke up like this, and maybe its a new me. One who no longer fears work and the daily degradation that used to be my norm. Having survived PTSD from what I felt was the most toxic work environment on the planet,  I actually, am having fun. I hear people complain about ‘working” and I just can’t  buy in or complain anymore, because what I discovered about the real me is,  I am happy to be of service to people who need my help.

It doesn’t really matter what your J.O.B. is- When we come into any task with the knowing we are helping someone, it really isn’t work. It is honestly how I feel life is supposed to be.  Helping people without an agenda is one of the most rewarding joyful feelings I can think of.

For me its full circle today. For me it clarified  what Wayne Dyers daughter  Serena posted today about hearing him speak the words  “How can I be of service’ reminding her of his presence still in her life. Just the sound of it is so soft, and kind that you get hooked on how this one simple sentence feels,and I find that everything, feels different.

How can I be of service changes everything.

I think we should start a revolution and when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, or tired or frustrated,or complaining about anything,  ask yourself this question.  Then watch how everything changes.

(btw……I have no idea how I “looked” when I woke up this morning because I honestly never looked.)  – That my friends is living.

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