What I learned in 2015

cropped-cropped-FullSizeRender4.jpgWhat I learned in 2015
When you review your life in one year, it is remarkable to see what has transpired. How you grew. Who came into your life and sadly, who left it. When you were happy and when you were hurt. There are highs in between lows, and every emotion in between in one year. But what did you learn? What do you carry into 2016 with confidence, and what do you let go?
As I review, I realized that this year, I learned a lot about me. Who I wanted to be, who I really was and many tools to keep me on track with the first. I learned that I have no control over people. I learned that I can only control my responses to people and their chosen way of life. I learned that unconditional love actually means love without conditions. I accept you as you – means that I do. None of this was easy in fact, most of the time practicing unconditional love & acceptance triggered a lot of unresolved emotion from years of silencing my feelings.
When I realized that while I was expecting unconditional love and support for my new found “self-love selfishness” I wasn’t always willing to give it. Therefore I wasn’t, as my dear friend Cari reminded me – “walking my talk”
So what I take to 2016 – gratefully- is that this year is full of possibilities and chances to be happy and love every day. That I can stand in an open field with my arms stretched up and give unconditional love to all. I can eliminate judgement and righteousness from my reactions to things that are not fitting into the neat picture I want them to. I can remember that what I give is what I get.
I can remember how precious life is and how much can happen in just one year and let those little daily annoyance’s drop off the spectrum of my life. I can remember that people are just people. Each of us individually walking through life with our own feelings and our own priorities. The beauty of this life is to me, the beauty of our uniqueness.
Make this the year of wonder, the year of bliss, and the year of opening yourself up to life’s possibilities. The year of unconditional love for others. The year of finding you, and the year of letting them…..find them. Make this the year you let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Happy New Year. Happy life. #globallove

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