The Schedule

The Schedule

For most of my adult working life I was a 9-5er. Add the kids and I became a 5-9er. Add a very demanding career and I was on 24 hrs a day. Work time invaded my weekends, my sleep time and most of my thoughts, leaving zero time to think about me. What I wanted. My goals,  my dreams and  the ultimate discovery of what my true calling may be.

So, no surprise when I unwillingly left that world kicking and screaming “No, no”, because that busy working life was really all I knew.

Fired from my job and within one hour my life completely changed. I did a 360 degree turn and slept until I woke up. I got dressed when I wanted to, if I wanted to and I watched all the morning shows. I lunched, and I traveled and I lived as completely  un-normal  as possible. All of this however, was not a conscious choice.

My body and mind were spent from the schedule .

The reality is I would never have stopped without divine intervention. I found however that not having a schedule is equally as disastrous. Ususally nothing gets done! I remember thinking, when I am off work, this will get done, I’m painting the kitchen, organizing this closet etc……and two years later and I am still picking out paint swatches.

So when my life coach suggested I start writing down a schedule to ease back into this,  the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Nevertheless, with a lot of resistance I took the challenge. I just couldn’t call it “a schedule” so I renamed it “my workable life”. The first day I wrote out times I would perform certain tasks and tried to keep everything between the times I had predicted. Train wreck.

The second day I listed what I wanted to get done and it worked a little better. Seeing it everyday made it so much more real and achievable that I found out, by going through the lists of what I wanted to accomplish, I actually had down time! What I realized is that it is about finding your own groove.   What works for you. We all have daily things, monthly events, yearly plans that have to be woven into our daily lives that are already packed full. The dog vet appointment. The dentist. Pay the insurance. The DMV, meetings, the kids and on, and on. Endless task lists. Finish the book.

At the end of the day I come to the conclusion that  I do not have to live the A-typical 9-5 (is the only time to accomplish something) lifestyle anymore.  I posted on my instagram wall last week

” I don’t have a 9-5 , I have a when I open my eyes – to when I close my eyes.

Touche’ . It boils down to doing what needs to get done and following through with each task at hand until you are. No pressure, just living your life moment to moment in your own groove.  When interruptions come, embrace them. Every moment in our lives is a gift somehow.  Don’t lose your momentum when you get frazzled, just get back on board and complete something. You will feel so good!!!

This week I bought a big erase board and I inserted the tasks and the date-including family time, fun time, exercise time, focus time , connection time and I then I colored it in pink. I am half way though my day loving it. Oh, and I also renamed it ….cathslife. wink wink

#findyourownway #selflove


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