Honor your daily life

When things get so busy that you are running around with your head in a fog, and people are constantly asking you “Whats wrong with you today” and you growl back with “nothing” (knowing it is every little thing driving you mad) its time to honor your daily life.

I recently thought I was the most “grounded” together person on the planet, priding my self with good self talk and congratulating myself for being so “centered”. Enter one crazy week, and I am back to old patterns- doing three things at once so that nothing gets done, stacking up the to do list as if I could accomplish it all.

Until, I couldn’t accomplish it all.

Enter, the negative self talk. “You never get anything done on time” ” You always overbook yourself” and, if your lucky enough there might be two or three people in your life who will keep the negative momentum going by agreeing with you, or, pointing out even further, how inept you are in “getting it all done”

That is when I realized that the only person I am competing against is myself. The only person who needs it all done by a certain time, is me. There isn’t one person out there waiting for me to be accountable to myself.

This, is a self inflicted wound.

I didn’t make a writing deadline – so what?
I didn’t get the house move done by the predicated date – Big Deal.
I didn’t pay that bill on time – Whoops!
I didn’t make it to the store today so there will be no home cooked meal tonight – Oh darn, have to go out.

The results?
When I didn’t meet my writing deadline, I felt that worthless emotion – guilt.
When I didn’t get the house moved on time – I let myself worry about money.
When the bill didn’t get paid on time I let fear overtake my otherwise centered being.

When I didn’t get to the store – I actually just had a bowl of soup, and that’s when it all changed inside.

Often we over stress about what we need to get done (never good for our health) or put undo pressure on ourselves, influencing the people around us with negative jittery energy. (hence the whats wrong) Then came the excruciating migraine that stopped me from completing anything, and the universe sent the message that I had to stop.

Honoring what was true for me rather than how it was “supposed” to be became one of those Oprah AHA moments.

Life, simply happens. When we try to control the time space to “get it all done” it is usually a disaster.

When I honor the time space to “get it all done” and not everything gets done, I realized that I can simply brush it to the next day with a smile. Deep breath, let it go. When we allow ourselves to go with the flow of life, we are honoring the universal powers that take us from moment to moment, and lets face it, all we really have are moments. Have you ever been thrown off course just to realize if you hadn’t been thrown off, this or this wouldn’t have happened?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just get out of your own way and let life happen.

I had to commit to myself this morning and take the time I needed to get grounded. Affirm to myself that I am not superwoman. Allow myself to be okay with the busyness even if I cannot get it all done, and most importantly, simply allow. Just allow the day to unfold, exactly as it unfolds.

Welcome to cathslife #selflove

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