Happy July. Why am I happy its July? Because I have called it. I have officially hung up […]


The aftermath Nobody likes to talk about death. Nobody really likes to even think about death. And even […]

I woke up like this……

There was something different about me when I woke up this morning. It wasn’t something you could see, […]

What I learned in 2015

What I learned in 2015 When you review your life in one year, it is remarkable to see […]

The Reunion

After last Saturday night, I am convinced that the four years we spend in High School are pretty […]

The Schedule

The Schedule For most of my adult working life I was a 9-5er. Add the kids and I […]

Sorry, I have to go to work……

” I have to go to work” There, I said it. Along with “I can’t take your call, […]


Although there are some people who will shake their heads when they read this, I am perfectly okay […]

Whats my purpose?

It was supposed to have happened by now. I was supposed to know my purpose, my calling. It’s […]